In recent years, Urban Exposure have been proud to support several charitable causes, all with the central theme of education and children.

In 2019, we have taken the decision to formalise our philanthropic activities with the structure of our own charitable foundation, Urban Exposure Philanthropy (UE Philanthropy).

UE Philanthropy is dedicated to transforming the futures of under-privileged children within the UK by delivering life-changing resources designed to meet their fundamental needs: education, health and wellbeing.

Children are our future

For our first project, we have partnered with the Harris Federation, who are experts in delivering outstanding education, to provide a completely free nursery facility located in Peckham, south-east London, opening in September 2019.

UE Philanthropy will completely fund the nursery which will cover the entire development and operational costs on an ongoing basis. The nursery will be available to 30 children between the ages of two to four and will be open 51 weeks a year with up to 55 hours per week of free childcare and early years education. Amenities will include indoor and outdoor learning spaces as well as three meals a day plus snacks. In addition to meeting the educational and developmental needs of children, it will also address issues such as the affordability of childcare, hunger and food deprivation. The fully funded nursery facility gives parents the opportunity to enrol in full time study or employment which would subsequently benefit their family situation.

As a part of our holistic approach to family wellbeing, the nursery will run a series of interactive evening workshops for parents to attend, offering support and guidance on developing effective parenting techniques.

For further information on Urban Exposure Philanthropy please click here to contact us.

Our nurseries will be

Open 51 weeks a year

Available to 30 children aged two to four

With up to 55 hours per week of free childcare and early years education

Three free meals a day plus snacks