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Retirement Living

Retirement Living

Retirement living is an emerging sector that we see becoming ever more prominent. As the UK experiences an increased ageing population especially in the over 65 demographic, there is a need to provide high quality fit for purpose accommodation. We look to lend on opportunities that arise as a result of a shift in structural societal needs and constantly look for new workable solutions to support developers meet the needs of this portion of society.

Our minimum loan size is £20m with no maximum loan size. We offer up to 80% of cost and 70% of GDV upon stabilisation, allowing for the purchase of a site, construction charges, professional fees and interest.

While we prefer schemes with full planning permission, we will also finance those that require further consent.

Projects should generally fall within a 4 year term or less, and into the initial operational phase with up to a further two years stabilisation period.

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